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Wooden hut

For our various jobs we always need wood 🪵 : boards, battens, rafters...

It has to be well stored, otherwise it will warp, and above all well stored to find the right one when we need it 😅 ! And until now this was not the case, we had some in different places and often stored in bad conditions. That's why we had to build a little hut just for him!

And we have freshly collected materials from the old sanitary facilities at hand!

Step 1: find a suitable place: my grandparents' dog house, which has not been used for almost 20 years. Get rid of the useless junk stored there (making sure to give to associations what can be used again and to sort out what should be thrown away).

And dismantle the old structure, especially the asbestos panels (which went to the treatment centre with the sanitary ones) ☣️.

Step 2: pour the concrete bases that will support the uprights of the hut (as usual, when you make concrete, it freezes, that's why you always put its little cover on it 🛌 ), fix the ridge purlin against the wall and clear the fir tree to have a free working space.

The concrete mixer having some difficulties with its operation... after 40 years of service, we help it a bit to finish the job! In truth, the electric motor is dead. But no question of throwing everything away 🤔. We ordered a new motor, changed the drive belt and the switch, greased the axles and here we go again!

Step 3: Assemble the structure (it's like the tool shed) the posts, the purlin, the rafters, then the battens and finally the tiles.

Step 4: make the storage racks and fix them to the wall. Then lay the cladding boards and electricity to see through 💡. Then gather and store all the pieces! Finally it's not that big in there 🤷‍♂️!

Just to clarify: the structure, framework, roofing and lighting are all from the old toilets, making new from old is better than recycling ♻️ 🤩

February 2022

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