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Camping de la Clairette dans la nature

Welcome in the heart of Drôme

Our campsite

Camp naturally

You like to live without superfluous, close to wildlife?
Our campsite is the right place for you!

Since the 19th century, the practice of camping has the objective of bringing its followers closer to the essential : the contact with nature, trees, water... 

However, with its success, tourism is not always without consequences for the environment. To continue to write our history, we must be vigilant and protect what feeds us. With this in mind, we are continually improving our structure and practices to minimize our impact. But nothing is possible without you, it is essential that everyone contribute.

2020 New internet website.

2019 After 2 years work, we opened entirely new accessible shower and toilet facilities. We mainly built it ourselves. You can visit it or follow our construction story.

2017 Tasting event : Clairette de Die and local wines one evening a week in summer (July and August).

2016 Putting up of 2 fully equipped safari tents, the Echirou (sleeping 5) and the Pitrou (sleeping 4). Making of 4 sports areas: football, volley-ball and badminton. Renovation of the table-tennis table.

2015 Wifi then available all over the campsite (charged).

2014 Changing of the electric network and setting of electric hook-ups all over the campsite.

Our first website is put on line.

We want to bring you the opportunity to live a relaxing holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, to find a rhythm more respectful of our body and its needs.

Unlike a holiday village, we do not offer a thousand and one services. You will have to stroll around the market to do your shopping, cross the forest on foot to enjoy the clear water, wait for the sausages to cook while having an aperitif... Here life has another flavor.

On the pitch there are no hedges, only a few pickets delimit the pitches, the space is voluntarily open, because meetings and sharing create this atmosphere specific to the campsite.

The true essence of camping
Year by year improvements
The essentials of the campsite

On the field

- Shared wood-burning grills

- Picnic tables

- Sports areas

- Spacious and comfortable shower and toilet facilities

- Food-truck on site one day a week (July and August)

At the reception desk

- Clairette wine, beer, honey, wine (local and organic products)

- Ice-creams, cool drinks, bread and pastries (July and August)

- Brochures and guides

- We lend sports equipments


Finding your way

Campsite map

Global view

Classique GB.png
Oriane et Jody ARNAUD

A team at your service!

Oriane & Jody

Both 33 year old, we have been running this family business since 2010. First of all, our campsite is a place where people can interact and share the simple living mode our family have sustained for 3 generations.

Visite 360°
Emplacements spacieux pour tous les types d'installations : camping car, tente, caravane

You can already see yourself in it!

360° virtual visit

Visit the campsite from your living room thanks to our virtual visit device

Générations de gérants de camping

When everything got started

What a story!

A car-breakdown that changed it all!

A nice story often starts when we expect it less. Ours started by chance in the summer of 1954.

A Parisian family on way to a camping in the Alps, had a car-breakdown just in front of my grand-parents' farm.

Their Renault 4 CV couldn't be repaired immediately so they put up their tent on a field along the Drôme river for a few days.

My grand-father, Henri ARNAUD known as "Riri" was a rather friendly man. He had been in the Resistance during the war and he knew about sharing his home-grown vegetables, a "saucisson", a glass of wine or brandy (called "gnole").

It had become impossible to stop this summer craze, and cultures slowly gave way to tents. It was necessary to adapt the facilities, build sanitary facilities and especially plant trees to shade the campers.

Renee, my grandmother loved trees a lot, which is why this planting was not entirely random. From the beginning, the species planted were varied, today our small arboretum has about sixty different species for more than 300 trees.

In 1994, it was my parents, Joël and Jacqueline, who took over the business and undertook some renovation work (electricity, sanitation, tarpaulin, etc.) to perpetuate a certain taste of tradition by adding a touch of modernity.

In 2010, Oriane and I took over this family torch and tried to meet the needs of the 21st century without losing the soul of our campsite.

This spirit of sharing, these simple joys, like laughing around a barbecue only exist without you!


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