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Revel, marvel, escape

Activities nearby

Unforgettable moments with family or friends

Holidays are a break from everyday life, a time to open up to new experiences. To better prepare them, we offer a selection of activities available around the campsite.

So follow your desires, on the program : discover our valley, savour simple moments, make beautiful encounters, enjoy every moment…


Giving one's alls


Canoë sur la Drome
Water sports

Mind the splashes!

Via ferrata du Claps de Luc en Diois

A climbing harness may be needed!

Randonnée à la Chaudière, vue sur les 3 Becs
On foot

Reaching summits

Balade VTT dans le synclinal de la forêt de Saoû
On a bike

Question of balance

La Drôme et les vignobles vus d'hélicoptère
Just like a bird

Flying view

A true gem, if you have eyes to see


Oprhys bourdon

A thousand colours before your eyes

Vautour fauve

Often hidden but not so far away…

Randonnée équestre dans le Vercors
On 4 legs

By my donkey's side

Just a way of life


Marché de Saillans
At the market

Summer time pleasures

Grappe de Clairette

A thousand year old fizzy wine

Le village d'Aurel
Hilltop villages

On top of the rock

Péride sur un brin de lavande
Aromatic plants

Getting the essence

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