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Tree pruning with the cherry picker

In 2017, we hired a cherry picker for the 1st time to prune the highest trees on the campsite 🌳🌲 inaccessible by climbing or ladder.

It's necessary to carry out this pruning regularly, which is why we've repeated the operation this winter.

Before the cherry picker arrived, we started by pruning the trees that were accessible, 14 in all, with the ladder 🪜 or by climbing in. We chipped the branches as we went along, leaving the wood chips in place.

Then we rented the cherry picker for 5 days and pruned a further 31 trees, some just for a few branches, others for a high cut, some ten meters high.

The cherry picker goes up to 18 meters, and for some it's almost too low.

We'll let you take in the altitude... with a bonus view of the campsite from up there!

After 5 days of pruning, the little cherry picker leaves and there are piles of branches everywhere... Now it's time to chainsaw to recover the big chunks 🪵which will serve to heat us 🔥 (and even for other projects, we'll tell you more in another article...) and put everything else through our shredder!

February 2023

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