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Tools shed

Since the barn was re-roofed in February 2020, the small tin shed in front of it has very ugly! In addition, we have long been lacking a clean place to store the many gardening tools.

Step 1: taking the measurements for the wood order, then dismantling. Nothing too complicated, but the lean-to hides an old door pluged by bricks that are really not beautiful. Moreover, the wooden lintel is completely eaten away, so it has to be changed before breaking the bricks, it's about not collapsing the wall 😬 ! We take the opportunity to remove 7 m² of useless concrete slab, this will allow the water to seep in instead of running off.

Step 2: rebuild a stone wall to plug the hole, keeping the recess for shelves. Pour and build new walls to support the wooden posts, not forgetting the door sill. Of course, we're doing concrete so the weather is turning to frost ❄️, so we get out the blankets to protect what's just been poured!

Step 3: do some levelling ⛏️ to compensate for the difference in level with a small rock face, we just have to add soil on top and the ground is flat in front of the hut. Now we have to go and get the order of wood from the sawmill to prepare the next step.

Step 4: we start by laying and cutting the posts🪚 then the purlin (bottom) and the ridge beam (top). Then the rafters, battens and battens are laid and finally the roof tiles, the structure is finished.

Step 5: now we have to screw the boards to form the walls, make the door, put the shelves, put the light, install the tools and plant some flowers 🪴 to dress it all up!

from january to may 2021

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