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Preparation for dismantling the shack

We need to remove and dismantle everything in and around the hut before moving on to the next phase of deconstruction.

Step 1: Dismantle the barrier! It's brand new and will be very exposed throughout the work, so we're going to partially dismantle it and protect it to limit breakage. It is also necessary to make a plan of the wiring so that everything can be reassembled correctly. It is also necessary to dismantle the Wifi antennas located on the pole, and the company in charge of the network will come and reassemble them afterwards. It is also necessary to remove all the posters on the south side of the building and there are some!

Step 2: make a temporary electrical panel. When we redid the electricity in 2013/2014, we already knew that the reception building would be built here one day, so there are already a lot of ducts and cables waiting, plus, for the construction site we need an electrical connection on site. This electrical panel has to spend part of the winter in bad weather, so it needs protection and this old box that was used for the campers' connections until 2014 is perfect, especially as it has already done the job for the sanitary building site, so we have confidence in it! It just needs a stable but mobile base with an old pallet and that's it.

Step 3: once the networks have been dismantled, we have to clean up the interior, which is an opportunity to sort out and throw away a few old things, unfortunately we can't reuse everything! Some equipment will be resold and the "irretrievables" will be taken to the waste disposal centre so that as much as possible can be recycled. What we keep will be tidied up and stored in new places, tool sheds, wood sheds, lean-tos... Finally, there is still a big piece, which has already gone through the ages and remains in the memory of many of you, the "trécanet" or "taco" for those of you who are intimate with it, and we keep it warm in a corner while waiting...

september and october 2022

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