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Installation of gabions

In order to support the soil and to make the EAST part of the sanitary facilities more aesthetically pleasing, we undertook the installation of gabions over a length of 35 meters. It is a grid cage that is filled with stones to form a retaining wall.

Step 1: we start, with the mini-excavator, by removing the soil that had fallen for 3 years, to form a platform. Delivery of 20 tons of facing stones.

Step 2: a 10 cm thick bed of crushed gravel (0/30 mm) is laid down to make a stable base, slightly sloping towards the slope (5°) so that the gabions can settle themselves against the wall of soil. This is also where the exact location of the wall is defined with a small string.

Step 3: to prevent the soil from filling the gabions, a geotextile must be placed on the back. Then we form the cages by assembling the grid panels with staples (the pneumatic stapler is essential to close the 2200 staples ! 😮‍💨)

Step 4: we can finally put the stones, we used a filler stone (behind) that does not show (which is cheaper 😜) and a more aesthetic facing stone (in front). There will still be a little bit of raking left on top and it will be finished!

from february to june 2021

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