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Dump station

Since 2019 and the opening of the new toilett block, the dump station needed to be moved... after 2 years and some thought sessions 🤯 to find the most appropriate spot, here we are!

Step 1: we start by plotting the exact location of the station, then we dig, by hand, to the desired depth.

Step 2: we install water and sewage systems and we pour small foundations.

Step 3: then comes the formwork and then the pouring of the concrete that will form the base of the new station. The manufacturer advised a laying on the ground, but we find that it is not very convenient and bad for the lumbar, so we position it at height 😉

Step 4: while the concrete dries, we modify a little the dump station (we often cobble the new products together, they are rarely quite as we want!). After we remove the formwork and position the station, we connect and it's ready, well almost, we still need to do the finishing touches around it 🌱 !

from april to may 2021

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