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Building insulation

In order to minimise energy consumption, good insulation is essential to protect us from the cold ❄️ and the heat ☀️.

Step 1: Attach the interior vapour barrier to the entire building, walls and ceilings. It is stapled directly to the structure.

Step 2: The building is insulated by blowing in 22 cm of biosourced cellulose wadding. This wadding is made from recycled newspaper 🗞️ ♻️ which is sorted and then shredded, mineral salts are then added to make it rot-proof and fireproof. Its installation causes a lot of dust that it is better to avoid breathing, which is why the installers look like cosmonauts 🧑‍🚀

Holes are made in the vapour brake to insert the pipe and blow the wadding into the walls. The holes are then sealed with a dedicated adhesive.

February 2023

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