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Assembly of the timber frame

Now that the concrete has finished curing, the timber constructor can begin assembly on site 🏗️. For several weeks now, a team has been working in the workshop to manufacture the wall sections that will be assembled on site.

Step 1: sweeping away the snow ❄️ that fell a few nights ago, discovering that the fox 🐕 has already come to see our building and walked on the slab 😻.

Step 2: delivery and assembly 🏠. It's January 24, 2023, on this cool January morning (-7°C), the trucks arrive with our building. In less than an hour, the walls are unloaded 🏗️ and the construction begins. The lower walls and the 2 beams that run through the reception area are erected in 2 days.

Step 3: Insulation of the space between the 2 floors, laying of the joists. The assembly of the walls of the first floor 🪜 is now underway.

Step 4: For the large pieces, the ridge beam and rafters still need to be laid. Finally, the roof must be supported at the end of the terrace, the carpenters create a custom truss.

The rest in the next article...

January and February 2023

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