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New reception

For more than 10 years ⏳, we had the desire to build a new reception building, nicer, more functional and better placed, but other more pressing projects had to be carried out before, the total overhaul of the electrical network and the construction of the sanitary building in particular.

The time has come to start the realisation of this dream 📯 for a little while now 😉 , and it is now time to share it with you.

We have started, from autumn 2020, the pre-project conceptualisation phase in order to define the needs and expectations.

At the beginning of 2021, we started the design phase with our architect, then filed a building permit in August which was granted in late December. Finally, we had a soil study done, with a geotechnical drill (the little red machine) which allows us to define the quality of the soil and therefore the cost of the construction.

At the beginning of 2022, we worked on the phase of setting the provisional financial envelope, which consists of asking for quotes from all the trades and suppliers. Once these have been received, we can make choices ⚖️, define the companies we will work with and validate the technical solutions. We can also go and see the banker for the financing application 💰💰 !

As for the works, they really start in the autumn 2022.

octobre 2020 à septembre 2022

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